Monday, September 19, 2005


First piece of Horslips-related news concerns the publication of a new book from the Cork University Press.

Beautiful Day: Forty Years of Irish Rock

Here's what Dave Fanning has to say in Hot Press:

"An excellent and thorough analysis of the development of Irish rock music over the past four decades. It is astute and erudite in its assessment of the many different strands Irish music has taken during that period, economic and concise in its delivery, and intelligently leavens its more theoretical meditations with witty, humourous and insightful flourishes."

With the concept of picking a signature song and group to represent each of the last forty years, Beautiful Day makes the right choice for 1976.

I've had the opportunity now to read this entry and it bodes well for a book of insights and surprises. I'll also need to add some of the entry's information to the Annotated Horslips lyric page on Trouble (With a Capital T).

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