Sunday, September 18, 2005

From 'Peanut Vendor' to the 'Watermelon Man'...

...the hors d'oeuvres at Carr's Cocktail Shack were delicious tonight!

As befits a Sunday broadcast, the show kicked off with Burt Bacharach saying a little prayer for all of us, then headed down to sunny Mexico. After the aforementioned Peanut Vendor*, Juan Garcia Esquivel returned to the airwaves with the anthemaic "Mucha Muchacha."

Other highlights -- and there were many -- included Julie London telling wives how they can be lovers too; Jackie Wilson doing the song that inspired Van Morrison; The Beatles with "Til There was You" (from Meredith Wilson's Music Man); "Never Tango with an Eskimo;" another Latin beat favorite with "Besame Mucho;" and many, many more. A fantastic close with Dr. John's take on "Perdido."

But the real story is that the show successfully made its first webcast as a live stream. And the first two shows are already archived here.

Still, I was unprepared for the Cocktail Shack this week! I spent most of the show putting my lingerie drawers in order. My stockings are a disgrace! This year's light summer fishnets needed to be stored away and last season's autumnal textures and tones needed to be reviewed for fashion lapses or unrepairable holes. One chemise seems to have lost its satin ribbon drawstring and is now in my sewing basket for repairs. A garter belt has gone missing. Several teddies simply looked too tawdry to ever wear again -- what was I thinking? And in a nod toward the changing weather, the winter flannel gowns are being aired on the clothesline today.

But NEXT week I shall be ready for the Cocktail Shack. All household chores will cease and a bottle of Champagne will be on hand for the Morning Mimosas. If all goes well, the Carr's Cocktail Shack West Coast Brunch will happen as we originally envisioned three weekends ago!

Mucha Muchacha!

*I have Stan Kenton for this one in my collection. Need to know who the vocalist was on the Shack's version. Edie Gorme, perhaps?

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