Friday, January 27, 2006

Other Voices Fourth Season Begins

James Blunt and The Walls live from Dingle

THE fourth series of RTÉ’s Other Voices series will make a welcome return to the screens this week. The music series filmed last December at St James’s Church in Dingle begins this Wednesday on RTE 2.

It has become one of the most celebrated events in the musical calendar and this year was no exception with 32 Irish and international acts, descending on the Kerry town to take part.

Bell X1, Rufus Wainwright, Hal and Horslips were among the acts that took to the stage in the 70-seater venue.

The popularity of the series is due to the variety of musicians from different backgrounds playing a diversity of styles and sounds in the intimate setting of the 200-year-old church.

Presented again this year by John Kelly, the show will run for nine weeks until the end of March. Kelly, who presents The View on RTE 1, said there were so many great moments.

“José Gonz·lez singing Kylie was one. But there were far too many to mention. Musicians mixed, friendships were made and who knows what collaborations lie ahead,” he said.

More at link.

Other Voices Official Site

Stay tuned for news on the online chat with Barry Devlin and Jim Lockhart!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Promoting the next gig: Johnny Fean & Steve Travers

Johnny Fean & Steven Travers, legendary players on the Irish rock scene, play The Cobblestone on Saturday, the 18th of February.

Johnny Fean is best know for his work with Horslips and Steve Travers was once the bass player with the Miami Showband. Together they create a musical experience that mixes furious paced rock, grass roots blues and some Celtic rock classics.

Johnny Fean began playing guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin and harmonica as a teenager and performed with groups like Sweet Sweet and Jeremiah Henry. When Declan Sinnott left Horslips, Fean was drafted in on a guitar and spent a very successful decade with the band.

Over twelve albums and a multitude of singles, Horslips lay down the template for Celtic Rock mixing traditional and rock music and referencing tales from Celtic mythology. Horslips played their last concert in Belfast in 1980 encoring with a rousing version of The Rolling Stone's "The Last Time".

After Horslips, Fean spent his time playing with The Zen Alligators, Host, Treat and The Psychopats. Horslips re-grouped last year to open an exhibition of Horslips memorabilia in the Orchard Gallery in Derry and recorded a new album, Roll Back.

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Friday, January 6, 2006

Horslips Fans on MySpace

Oh dear. A simple registration to leave a blogwarming message to the Radiators From Myspace has quickly metasized into a whole new dimension of interactivity online when I should be working at my day job.

Turns out there's more Horslips fans in California! One of them has a LOT of friends.


Sharkie's Album Pics

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Tara Telephone concert ticket with Leo O'Kelly

Finally, a bit of ephemera in the form of a concert ticket:

According to those who know, we have

Skid Row - featuring Gary Moore
Blues House - featuring Ed Deane
Orphanage - featuring Philip Lynott
Leo O'Kelly - doing a solo gig, but see below for his bio in Tir na nOg
Jazz Therapy - featuring bass-player Brian Masterson who became an in-demand studio engineer with lots of major artists

And we have Tara Telephone, which makes this last-ever post of mine on a dial-up modem all the more appropriate. Cable guy came and went and wireless cable hardware and software is installed. What's needed now is a trip to the computer store to pick up a wireless card. Would have done this before, but the decision to go wireless was a bit spontaneous yesterday.

Sorry...back to Tara Telephone (it's the phone thing, see? And you wouldn't believe how much time it takes for files to load and..whoops! At it again.)

A very important part of my "Horslipping" in 2005 (I don't know what else you call it, but essentially: all the activities around this unshakeable infatuation with a rock band that I never saw perform live until last month...) was the discovery that Tara Telephone has made a significant contribution to Dublin's modern literary scene. And, via its later guise as Gallery Press, I had already 'discovered' that long before buying my first used Horslips CD.

More groovy stuff came to light on this last visit when I checked out the two Tara Telephone publications in the books & periodicals collection at the National Library. Read them both in the hour before closing, trying to memorize as much detail as possible. Seems like there's going to be a King Crimson album purchase in my future! And, with luck, an essay to contribute to the Hairless Heart Herald.

In the midst of all that was 2005, I had begun a section of the site dedicated to Tara Telephone. It's been highlighted now and then, and still has much more to be done (see above, re: dial-up modem and the frustration of it all!)

Expect big things from it now, but here's a link to it as it currently stands:

Tara Telephone (Main Photo)
Tara Telephone Introduction