Friday, July 21, 2006

Eamon Carr on Regina Spektor

I've long hoped that the Evening Herald would go online in some format so I could keep up with Eamon Carr's music reviews. But, perhaps a good sign here, this article turned up in the world.

Musicbox with Eamon Carr

BORN in Moscow, raised in the Bronx, Regina Spektor’s domain is the landscape of dreams, shifting realities and the oddly normal.

Earlier adventures in sound such as Mary Ann Meets The Grave Diggers And Other Short Stories, a “greatest hits” package culled from her three hand-to-mouth indie albums, signalled the presence of a prodigious talent brimming with ideas, desire and fairytale ambition.

The question that album begged was, would The Strokes-endorsed queen of the New York anti-folk scene survive to develop her talent or would she spontaneously combust. More likely, it seemed, she might become one of the oddball characters that people her songs and disappear into the labyrinth that is Hell’s Kitchen.

But, despite her dizzying beauty and kookie image, 26-year-old Spektor is...

More at the link. Requires registration. And today is another blasted Spare the Air day!