Sunday, March 11, 2007

Heavenly Worldliness: spotlite on Horslips

Once again, the great library of Horslips videos on You Tube spark another Blogger to a posting or two. Here at Recent Horslips, Gary Brady of Childs Hill London has a chance to watch the opening number from the phenomenal set in Dingle, December 2005, that was Horslips on RTE's Other Voices.

Gary also revisits The Book of Invasions with his impressions of then and now and a link to Amazon.

Here's hoping that naming calls, btw, because my own CD cover of Book of Invasions has no CD in it, which means that the CD has been 'spending the night' over at a friend's house (i.e. its doubled-up in another cover) and I don't want to tell you how many CDs I'm going to have to check!

Podunkian Music Club spotlite on Horslips!

The Horslips - King of the Fairies

Perhaps they were just a decade or so ahead of their time, since the Horslips first blazed the trail in North America in the mid seventies, the likes of the Boomtown Rats, Pogues, Hothouse Flowers,The Cranberries and of course the all dominating U2 caught the fancy of the world, let alone North America.

I won't quote the whole blog because the idea is that you'll go over there for a visit! And that's an AllGoodeThings video there as the lead to the article.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Rock Doctor: Horslips - play 'Dearg Doom" Live.

Reeling from the news that Marvel Comix has axed Captain America, I am very happy to discover this:

The Rock Doctor: Horslips - play 'Dearg Doom" Live.

That's me in the audience for all of three or four seconds. Yeah, it's a year on now, and I'm finally pretty stoked about it.