Thursday, May 17, 2007

Barry Devlin at the Mid-Ulster Film Festival

Sun sets on 'Sundance' film fest at An Creagán

...A lot of directors and filmmakers at the festival, among whom were Dave Anderson and Heather Brunt, the director and producer of the short film 'Jacks.' They were thrilled their film was screened at the Mid-Ulster and loved the location, especially the 'homely' relaxed atmosphere and the on-site cottages. So much so that they say, "we've been inspired at this year's festival to make another movie. We hope to have it ready in time for next year."

The organisers hope that for next year they will have a budget to invite all the production teams who have submitted a film to their festival. They feel that this is not only important to the international development of the festival, but also is a wonderful way to promote the Omagh area as a tourist destination.

Other highlights included the world premiere of the digitally remastered Transformers - The Movie, Boletos Por Favor, Missing Jib, The Undertaker, Ahaarrr! and Victor and the machine. All in all the whole weekend was such a vibrant and brilliant event – here's looking forward to the fifth Mid-Ulster Film Festival.

Leaving the last word to Barry Devlin: "One more time... the Mid Ulster Film festival lived up to its billing as 'The Sundance of West Tyrone' bringing a fine roster of films (including a European premier of 'Proud') to a unique setting and a uniquely friendly and characterful festival. Proactive, educational, informative, entertaining, community based... The World's Most Dangerous Acronym ticks all the boxes.

"One more time, I was able to gain more from the people in my film-writing class than they got from me. One more time... Neil Jordan swears he's coming next year."

More at link. Festival website is here: www.midulsterfilmfestival.