Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Horslypse at the INF

Horslips Tribute Act Review of INF Gig

Good stuff in this review. Can't quote anything because it is a scan of the actual newspaper. But go check it out.
Irish Examiner article on Comebackhorslips.com

Highlighting this last weekend's unveiling of the statue and tribute concert at the Point, here's an article featuring an interview with Johnny Fean.

Also, I've added the Mystery Train Promo Spot back to the Horslips Media page. Look for more activity on this page soon.
New Downloads and Photos at www.horslips.tk

Mp3s from the Errigle Inn gig including:
*King of Morning, Queen of Day
*King of the Fairies
*The Man Who Built America
*Mad Pat

Videos too, including:
*Postering in Belfast
*Paddy Practicing Fiddle
*The Man Who Built America

If, like me, you can't make these gigs, these videos and mp3s are a nice treat.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another Gig to Promote!

For new visitors to this blog or my Horslips Tribute site, a little explanation may be in order. Most of you may know Horslips as a band from the 70s, who recently added a highly successful acoustic album to their catalog.

These photos in my blog are thumbnails of a Horslips Tribute band in Omagh. They tell the story of how it all started best on their site:

The idea of a tribute band to the Celtic Rock supergroup, Horslips, first surfaced in late 2004. Organ player Michael Rafferty, after listening to numerous records by the group, formed the idea of bringing together a group of musicians for one performance in tribute to the band. As the idea began to gather realistic potential, Ryan O’Sullivan was approached and soon recruited as the group’s guitar player. As word spread about the possibility of a tribute band forming, it became apparent that a number of other musicians, who cited Horslips as a main influence, were interested. The group soon recruited John Kelly on vocals, Conor McAloon on lead guitar, Daniel McCormack on bass guitar, and Damien Maguire on drums and percussion. The traditional side of the group consisted of Michael Kielty on flute, Patrick Bogues on fiddle, and Niall Moore on trumpet.

The first Horslips Tribute gig was performed in the CBS Grammar School in Omagh, the school which all of the members of the band attended. With Barry Devlin, bass player of the Horslips, in attendance, it proved to be an extremely successful night as the band performed the entire ‘Book Of Invasions’ album. With this first gig proving a great experience for the band, it was agreed that the group should continue to perform under the Horslips Tribute banner, in homage to the band who inspired the idea in the first place.

This Saturday, they'll be at the The Errigle Inn, Belfast.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

More Photos from the gig


Just thought we needed another photo or two in the middle of all this text.
Downloads from the INF gig at www.horslips.tk

  • Furniture
  • The High Reel
  • Loneliness
Click "Downloads" on the mainpage menu and then right-click on the tune, then select "Save Target As..." to save it to your computer.
Tara Telephone on www.comebackhorslips.com

Finally! I have been wanting to work on this section of the site for some time. As it is, I am taking it slowly and today's page is simply an introduction to the topic. But it is going to be fun! I've hopes of enlisting the input and support of one of the poets I've been visiting here on Blogspot.

Also, in honor of the Watch of Enniskillen, and their rockin' version of "Dearg Doom," I've actually started the lyric page on that. Not ready for live yet, but soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Horslips Are Playing in the Stadium

A bit of history on www.comebackhorslips.com

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

"Deep down in Enniskillen, close to New Orleans
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens"

They're 16. They're from Skintown. And they Rock.

Fantastic new cover of "Dearg Doom" on comebackhorslips.com

This one goes to eleven.

Horslips in the Spotlight at irishrockers.com

Horslips in the Spotlight at irishrockers.com

The Irish Rocker spotlight is now on Celtic Rock heroes Horslips.
Check out the new biography that has been added to the Horslips page.

Also check out the An Post stamp that should have been!

Friday, August 5, 2005

Other Horslips Fans on Blogger

It's been nearly a week since I picked up the front-door keys from the agent's office and had the power turned on. There were some decisions to be made about landscaping and then it was time to move in (the best and oldest) furniture.

But now I'm ready to go meet the neighbors. Using the "Profile" feature, I see that I am one of eight people in this community that has listed Horslips as one of their favorite musical groups. As for the hundreds of people who listed Office Space as a favorite movie...remember next Friday... is Hawaiian shirt day... so, you know, if you want to you can go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.

But back to those Horslips fans. I'll be putting on the hat and gloves and calling on Finbarr Kinnell first. He doesn't have a blog, but the website is interesting. Check out his poem Haircut.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Soon to be performing "Dearg Doom" at an Enniskillen nite-spot near you!


From the Band's History

...that is until local punk act NICE'N'SLEEZY got us back on our feet with a hugely sucsessful opening slot at willie ramblers (with much help from john moffat!!),and thanx to mr. sleezy we recieved our first paypacket.

since then allainces forged with sope founder Tom Johnson mean that the wacth have a secure future in skintown and will be playin many gigs for some time to come.

And now for the last part of the history which isnt realy history the watch got a 3rd guitarest and it happened sortly after we got shane donegan to help us out at practice which means he just sat on is ass, ate cake and watched us, anyway we then asked him would he join the band, luckily he accepted and the new Watchman was official.
I admire their take on 'band photos' here

Yes, a soundfile will be premiering on www.comebackhorslips.com

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Andy Wilkinson of the Irish Herald reviews Roll Back in this month's issue:
"There are rumors of a reunion tour--just image the reception in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago or wherever it is youse have made your ways too. The Horslips are back, and somewhere in an Irish bar at around quarter to six on a Friday as paint flakes off his fingers or the cement dries on his boots, the man who built America is celebrating."

Monday, August 1, 2005

The Stadium was packed to the door. All you could hear was "Horslips! Horslips! Horslips!"

If they didn’t show soon the place would be torn apart. Marion was going mental. She was up on the seat cheering "Horslips!" She pulled him by the sweater. "Come on!" she cried. "Get up here!" Up he got. The screams were unbelievable. Then out of nowhere appears Eamon Carr the drummer with a giant shamrock on the backside of his satin suit. He starts pummeling the drums like a madman. Before you know it the band are into "Johnny’s Wedding" and the place has gone absolutely apeshit.
Charlie O’Connor’s mandolin is like something possessed. It's like it has a tiny music demon inside of it and is away off on little silver legs never to by caught by anyone ever again. "It’s good to be back in Dublin!" cried the bass player. A thousand scarves and woolly hats went into the air. "This one's called 'The High Reel'," he said and Marion fell off the arm of the seat right on top of Malachy. "Come on," she said, "Let’s dance!" and dragged him out into the middle of the floor, shaking her strawberry blonde hair like a wild thing.

from The Dead School, Patrick McCabe