Saturday, January 13, 2007

Horslips Sighting on MySpace Blog

i really should be asleep

and shortly i am going to go and put the light out and dream odd dreams. listening to horslips and their "short stories and tall tales" cd - fantastic stuff.
my head is buzzing with thoughts and schemes, plans and ideas. none of them worth the energy involved in the firing synapses.

Just an ordinary guy with a random mentioning of an obscure album. What's weird is that I've been listening to this 'step-child' album too for the last few days or so and I'm enjoying it for its own sake immensely. Another comment under Horslips over at goes a little like this:

Luca Banche niclot-Nurin-ITALY wrote on 9/26/2006:
HORSLIPS' Late 70ies stuff was, for me, absolutely brilliant: anticipating in some way, the Irish Hard-Punk Rock Feeling of SLF, UNDERTONES etc.

It's not the usual way of looking at their music, but listening to SSTT demonstrates that there might be something to the argument. The album would also fit well in the current/retro spins of my local modern rock radio station.

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