Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"You shall have a Phishy when the boat gets in..."

Yesterday around noon my time, I 'logged on' to a MySpace account but not via a real MySpace page. About ten minutes later, a friend at Hairless Heart Herald sent me a note alerting me that I'd been 'phished' and that someone was posting Gift Card spam bulletins and comments in my name. John Murphy of Shite'n'Onions was next to call in and then Gerry from Bushplant (a contributing artist to the CBH site.)

A swift change of password and a basic bulletin of apology. There were several friends who wrote in saying 'thanks' for that and adding that they rather guessed it wasn't the real me promising to 'hook them up' or signing off with 'c ya.' Also in my favor is that I only posted on this account when I had Horslips news.

Forty minutes later, the fuss was mainly over. Things move fast on the Internet.

But to make further amends, I decided to send around a little vintage advertising that's available again on You Tube. Horslips promoting Mirinda, circa early seventies or so. Looking very much like the music festival it was, this free event was filmed at the grounds of Ardmore Studios in Bray (just south of Dublin). Also present, but not pitching Mirinda, was a support act by the name of Chris De Burgh.

For more about Phishing, visit the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

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