Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eamon Carr in Halifax, Nova Scotia circa 1976

Spotted on Flickr:


bigglenn said...

i made friends with these guys horslips..as they toured the usa nice guys great live... i dont like u2 in comparison there not even close u2 seemed to borrowed a phil manzanera roxy music.. riff in there strumming and its not as good and they use it in to many of there tunes ..horslips were freekin great.. on one night they opened for a new group called van halen some led zep wanna bes and horslips guitarest john fean smashed eddie vh into oblivion......eddie didnt play lead solos at all he just was soso snd to loud horlips gave me a green shamrock shaped lp i still have it like all my records facebook.com/glennleslie go to photos please glenn leslie music mngmt ..

Anonymous said...

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