Monday, August 1, 2005

The Stadium was packed to the door. All you could hear was "Horslips! Horslips! Horslips!"

If they didn’t show soon the place would be torn apart. Marion was going mental. She was up on the seat cheering "Horslips!" She pulled him by the sweater. "Come on!" she cried. "Get up here!" Up he got. The screams were unbelievable. Then out of nowhere appears Eamon Carr the drummer with a giant shamrock on the backside of his satin suit. He starts pummeling the drums like a madman. Before you know it the band are into "Johnny’s Wedding" and the place has gone absolutely apeshit.
Charlie O’Connor’s mandolin is like something possessed. It's like it has a tiny music demon inside of it and is away off on little silver legs never to by caught by anyone ever again. "It’s good to be back in Dublin!" cried the bass player. A thousand scarves and woolly hats went into the air. "This one's called 'The High Reel'," he said and Marion fell off the arm of the seat right on top of Malachy. "Come on," she said, "Let’s dance!" and dragged him out into the middle of the floor, shaking her strawberry blonde hair like a wild thing.

from The Dead School, Patrick McCabe

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