Thursday, August 4, 2005

Soon to be performing "Dearg Doom" at an Enniskillen nite-spot near you!


From the Band's History

...that is until local punk act NICE'N'SLEEZY got us back on our feet with a hugely sucsessful opening slot at willie ramblers (with much help from john moffat!!),and thanx to mr. sleezy we recieved our first paypacket.

since then allainces forged with sope founder Tom Johnson mean that the wacth have a secure future in skintown and will be playin many gigs for some time to come.

And now for the last part of the history which isnt realy history the watch got a 3rd guitarest and it happened sortly after we got shane donegan to help us out at practice which means he just sat on is ass, ate cake and watched us, anyway we then asked him would he join the band, luckily he accepted and the new Watchman was official.
I admire their take on 'band photos' here

Yes, a soundfile will be premiering on

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