Saturday, September 10, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

Bono script edits new film can reveal that Bono is the Script Editor on a film called The Virgin Of Las Vegas that’s been written long-time U2 collaborator and Horslips man Barry Devlin.

“It’s slightly early, but the thing will have more legs at the end of August when Bono can concentrate his attentions fully on it,” Devlin tells us. “It’s about the last days of a showband in Las Vegas, and it’s also a father-and-son movie. It’s really a two-hander.”

Asked to tease out the storyline, he proffers: “Basically, it’s a piece about a guy whose father ran out on him when he was seven, and now he’s 21 and wants to see what his dad was like. And the cause for the son’s arrival in Las Vegas is the death of one of the band while playing onstage – a true pro, he played till the end of the number before going to his eternal reward.

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I quit my job as a dancer
At the Lido des Girls
Dealing blackjack until one or two
Such a muddly line between
The things you want
And the things you have to do

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